1. Joyce Pollack says:

    Several pictures are not clear. This has happened right after I uograted the site. I am on Level 16 now, but this has happened since the very first games. I even keep a list of problem pictures.there have been more than 8 I can barely see. Please clear up the pictures.

  2. Joyce Pollack says:

    I am referring to close up pics

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Close Up Pics Answers

With over one million installs. Close Up Pics is a bonafide hit on iTunes. The object of the game is to guess the secret object from the zoomed in photo. It's simple. Or is it? Sometimes they are simple and you can quickly recognize what the image is. Other times the zoom is so close that it's hard to tell. This is a very fun game, but getting stuck on a level isn't fun. That's where Close Up Pics Answers comes in. We have the answers for all the puzzles. Just find the level that you're stuck on and then the puzzle. Click the thumbnail and you'll see the answer.